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Sharon Springs resorts

Welcom to Sharon Springs resorts

Sharon Springs Boasts 250 years of reputation. It water was known to Indian Americans even before forefathers found the country. As a developer of this project, I am certain of its success due to the following reasons.

- Sharon Springs was known throughout the USA as a spa destination as early as 1700. It is located close to major cities form East Coast of the US and Canada. It’s reputation as a spa destination still draws people to the village to this very day.

- Sharon Springs Resort &Spa is conveniently located in the center of major cities and highways. The resort is easily accessible by major highways
such as 187,188,190 and US-20.Also, it is located on route for Canadian travelers who visit New York City and Woodbury Commons by bus. Sharon Springs is surrounded by a number of interesting tourist attractions.
For example, Baseball Hall of Fame and Howe Cavern are only 15 minutes away from Sharon Srings. Also, there are various museums, opera houses, and a casino near the area, which provides great package deal opportunities.

- We have absolute best sulfur water in the US. It just contains as much as 7000% more sulfur than Korea’s prime sulfur water spa.
The skin care products we can create using the water are limitless.
And it’s healing power is already proven. Dongbu Tour, a travel agency whose owner is the CEO of SSI, is already accomodating 40,000 clients visiting Niagara Falls every year.
Since Sharon Springs Resort & Spa is located on route for Dongbu’s Niagara Falls packages originating from New York, the resort can easily be added to the existing tour packages so that the current 40,000 clients visiting Niagara Falls can stop by and enjoy the resort’s facilities and services.

- The spa industry has been growing continuously. In the past, spa was perceived as an alternative medical experience. Today, the perception has changed and it is now considered family friendly leisure experience.
For this reason, the spa industry is among the most steadily is among the most steadily growing markets in the hospitality field.

Kyusung Cho.

Sharon Springs Resorts, Inc.